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Perspective is EVERYTHING…

You know in life is not all about what happens but how you see it how you respond to it what is your perspective about it. First of all what is perspective when you say that you have different perspectives what does that really mean?

Your perspective or your view is made up of what is going internally in your mind and your system in your thoughts it is a reflection of your beliefs. Therefore causing you to see the same situation is maybe someone else does but you would see it differently because of what you you are showing up to be.

As you can see it in this above illustration there are two completely contrast and absolutely the opposite stories going on, And if you were only to come from the perspective of the left side you would have a story of doom gloom and depression, Or on the contrary the right side has more of the opportunistic ideas of the artistic lifestyle.

But when you’re able to put the two sides together and gain the perspective from the front front of you and you able to see both sides to you get the complete story.

If you ask me personally art is life what what would life be if there is not the colors if there are other contours the comfort that you get from the admiration and appreciation of great beauty in a fine piece of some sensory stimulating art that exudes brilliance and manifests excellence.

The element of society that is fueled by the great portraits, pottery, music, paintings, sculptures, and other forms of creative and innovative ideas being transposed into tangible works, is a thriving economy that plays a vital part of our well being, emotional connectedness, and spiritual vitality as humans as we are given opportunities to tap into part our soul that can expand into more expansive states of appreciation and passion.

And you can take that to the bank.

But unfortunately, many who choose this path, can’t take anything to the bank, if they even have one.. trust me I’ve been there.

It’s like a garage with a low ceiling that you keep hitting and the overhead door keeps getting stuck..

And it doesn’t help that we live in a culture that subscribes to the restrictive ways of thinking where it is more acceptable to conform to the norms and stifle the fire of those who dare to defy the rules already on file, because they have a growing roar inside their belly and they can’t rest until they’re able to let the world hear it.

They refuse to deny their right to fully express the gifts and talents inside that they have given their lives to find and cultivate..

But then they also found the piece that they’ve been previously missing which is the part that fits their life into a bigger picture, a bigger story that is unfolding for the advancement and onward march of their brothers and sisters of humanity.

And this is my perspective..

What is different between the artists eating good and thriving fully in the upper percentages of society, and the artists who can ride above an established calling in the field of public performances and subway busking?

It’s how they see themselves, it’s the perspective of their own identities and abilities, it’s the vision and belief of how high they can go and how far they can reach, it’s their faith in the source of the force that holds them in support while they hold down the fort and play the ball while it’s in their court, pregnant with a promise that they refuse to abort because time is precious and life is short.

Haha… I started this post with an intention to talk about perspectives, but I ended up sharing one. Maybe you felt a tug inside your heart as you maybe resonated with something that spilled from the cup of my life. It’s all how you look at it. That’s why I say, the cup half full which is normally associated with optimists, and cup half gone usually referring to pessimists, I chose to have the perspective that neither one is mine, my cup is overflowing, which reflects being blessed and rejects the notion of claiming anything less.



Ain’t bout that Life

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What yew mean….??

When you say that you big shot calling the big boss ballin in that you just making major moves in the game. I mean the word around the streets is nothing,, they can’t really hear you. I mean they can hear you if they know where you’re at and they choose to come to where you are, But are they being meet where they are where it’s accessible for them to cross paths with yourself?

Stop stop stop stop I don’t really want to hear that so you aint bout that life son…

You got to keep your eyes open cuz they’re always watching you scrutinizing and critiquing every single thing you do.

  1. Remind me of the duo’s in the dynamic duos of individuals who have each others back, Like pippin and Jordan or Kobe and Shaq, like David and Jonathon, Michelle and Barak.

Like it’s a presidential element, stay relevant by participating in the current status of the minority of the masses where excellence is gladness and complacency is madness.

Yo so when the facts stands that you’re really not about that life then it shows for the world to see you can’t hide it

Facts,, zoom


I mean every day that things are happening they changed me too sitting in this world to me so I mean the swaggy essence is coming out how it is authentically.

Is when we get to that place for where we know exactly what life we are about you can’t tell me that I’m not about the life that I’m not about because I know what life I am about.

Hey yo cuz come here let me talk to you real quick man I mean I see that you about this life but is she?

To be able to look clearly at the situation from an unbiased perspective as we move into our firing positions.

When we are able to look at ourselves honestly inwardly And ask ourselves is what we are doing enough?

Are we putting in the type of work in the amount of work in the intensity and the passion in the fire that is needed to find that we already have the key in the lock we just have to turn it and open the door.

My prayer has been and will continue to be the Complete and utter removal and refinement of any hindrance that is within my system that can obstruct my blessings and favor.

That’s the life that I’m about.

Relationship not religion freedom not any set of ideologies and constrictions that keep me limited and fearful.

See it got to a point for me where I actually said to get into standing firm in rare form on the convictions that I have on what I am not about and what I am not for in this world.

That is actually the story that has been playing more Lately is the fact it is more and more and more about what I am NOT about that which I am.

When one door closes another one opens and even if it’s not a door that opens you better go around and look for window, Because it is something that’s inside there for you and it’s yours you better not stop until you get in there and get it.

See what it comes down the pipeline and you realize that you are about what you’re about You know that you have to make the most of the time that you have, It is up most important to have the balance in life so that you have the time to prioritize for what’s important therefore growing and deepening our grasp of the handling of what’s in our hands now…



The Good Samaritan

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The Good Samaritan

I’ve learned throughout my journey that complex issues and illustrations can be articulated through parables and stories.

As we can pull examples from many different leaders and influential indivisuals I want to look at a story told by Jesus In the New Testament story when he’s responding to the multitude asking What it really means to love your neighbor as yourself.

This story depicts the kind of tension and cultural barriers that would be modern day racism, as it relates To the division between the Jewish and the Samaritan communities.

It was almost like the two where separated by an unseen line of differences, ideas, and beliefs. It’s almost as if in the melting pot of understanding, you would need a pool company to come and construct a unit that would sufficiently house the vastness

How does it happen where a Jewish man goes on a journey to a faraway land and goes through The a dangerous stretch of his intrepid and actually gets jumped and beaten by thugs and robbers Who take his belongings his valuables and leaves him on the side of the road to die.

Now as he’s laying there bleeding hurt bruised I can imagine also praying questioning wondering why me why now. But alas there is a figure approaching on the horizon and who could it be none other but a fellow Jew one of my own people surely he will help me in my obvious plight of distress.

Yes however to the surprise of those who cannot comprehend those who read and listen to the story, The Jewish priest actually snubs his nose at the assessment of the situation then steps over in self righteous prideful disgust add he continues on his holy way.

A few moments later another very dignified and religious individual from The Levites, Yet somehow he too was numb to the pain of his fellow man.

By this time I would not be at all surprised if the beaten and bruised man lost all faith in the goodness of humanity.

If he can not rally assistance from these two men who represented the pinnacles of faith and the upper echelons of goodness from a religious standpoint, Then what is the point of continuing to have that flame of shimmering belief that this this person that I see approaching from the Horizon will be any different or any more open to helping me in my time of need.

This third person that comes along on this road is a Samaritan. Remember how I told you in the beginning of the story that Jews and Samaritans during that day were current day equivalent to divisions in class and race.

Yet to our resounding surprise we come to find That despite not having the religious credentials as the previous men the Samaritan understood a common thread of humanity And was able to put aside all differences to be able to render assistance to his brother who was in dire need of help.

He tends to the men’s wounds give him some medicine and afterward take him to a place we can rest and get well.

In the conclusion of this story Jesus asked the people which of these three do you believe acted like a neighbor to the man in trouble?

The response was universally the Samaritan man he was kind and he was helpful and he was a servant despite differences.

And there is a resonating example of what it means to love your neighbor as yourself

Make A Movie

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So we’re in a new era right now of music has to have a concept that has to have a idea.

This conclusion that has been drawn from actual interaction with the work of the new wave of artists who are setting the stage to illustrate our take of this new digital age of human opportunity.

And there arises what appears to be a strategy and reoccurring theme among those who break ground, which is to spend time invested into the process of originating strong film and video content with a strategic release building into a current event or otherwise relatable anchor that ties together the display of the craft, but also the contents of the character of the named notable persons of interest.

Nothing can stop me but muah/ that’s deeper than a reservoir/ She’s blowing the kisses like muah/ she plays me like strings on guitar/

Chyeah. Ayaya. Feel me. Chomp Chomp. True. False. Flat out. Cha ching! Zoom. Whuut? Oh kayy! Go! Whoop! Yahh.. Swish. Oh my God. Gon head. Get em. That’s right. Skirrt. Nahhh. Ahhh. Really? Girl! Yeaa. Aye! Why? Boy! Ya digg?

The time that was taken on the above paragraph and abstract as it may seem to you is very meaningful. I call these individuals statements or bullets as they are as seasonings to the pot To add flavor in essence around the meat potato and vegetables that is the main course of the message of the meal.

I’m sitting here thinking of a video that was just impressed upon me when I saw the story that was told through it. Buy a cat named Joyner Lucas and this guy was able to successfully make movies With his original music as a soundtrack that told a meaningful story in a unique yet relatable way.

The unfortunate reality that there is crime there is peer pressured to do wrong and there are repercussions that are we have to be lived and dealt with.

An element that’s going viral right now – told by the story of the young guy who Trusted the wrong individual in high school and it ended up Costing him his life his vehicle itself and everything dear to him.

But then on the flip side halfway through the video of the cameras switches to the story on the other side of the guilty peer pressured youth Who was trying to fit into the wrong crowd therefore rising to the challenge of killing someone. The story goes through the whole process of how the relationship was built and how the guy that was shot even trusted this troubled youth in the first place.

I bring up this artist in this story not just merely because of the relevance of the story in how real it is for us to look at the fact that these things happen in the world we live in.

But how artfully and how skillfully  the message was related through the medium of video through the movie having the song as the soundtrack that wrapped around the main idea that was being expressed.

After seen this repeatedly time and time again I cannot sit back and just not participate in this change of the game.

Being called to be a representative of the leaders of our time, to live a life that reflects the glory of the story of the saving of the grace that is available to everyone.

As I can see as I read what I wrote and also due to the time spent on this post as you may have figured out by now it was personal.

I do not oppose your attention..


Sticks And Stones

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We’ve all heard….

The popular children’s rhyme growing up about the sticks and stones that can break your bones but deciding that WORDS will never hurt you.

I believe that this poem and this saying is so deep, deeper than we may have even known while we were saying it.

It is definitely easier said than done to not allow the things that are said about as affect us either negatively and cause us to feel insecure, or even too much praise as where we can choose to allow our egos to get blown massively out of proportion.

Now obviously we do not being the physical aspect of harm such as what a stick and a stone can do. As you can see a stick can be taken and can be used to beat and cause someone physical harm cuts bruises, same As the damage that a stone could potentially cause seeing as how stones have been even used as weapons of war with slings such as the young David in the old testament against the philistine Giant Goliath. You may have heard the story before.

I say these things just to illustrate the point that the damage and the harm done from From the power of the tongue is different But yet still potentially dangerous and deadly.

But the crazy thing in the most difficult part about being someone who is being attacked verbally, Is that you have to understand that they can not speak anything over you if you do not receive it.

It is our responsibility to be able to discern and differentiate the power between what comes out of their mouth and of what we allowed to shape us.

And I found that if we are susceptible to be able to allow other people to inflate our egos and make us feel really good with their words, If we find our true sense of worth and self identity and respect by what comes out of other people’s mouths, Did they also have the power to put us in a place of depression by deflating us in our hopes and dreams and crushing our future.

I actually saw a very funny video not too long ago that reminds me of the Humor of the side of giving others that power thinking that we value of the opinion that they have over us when they are false and we know that because we are rooted in who we know that we are as individuals.

So the video comes on and its a picture of a guy inside of his car just crying just bawling his eyes out just so much drama.

No the reason wasn’t because he caught a flat or spun out on the service drive and in need of a tow truck.

And then he proceeded to come out just enough to tell the reason why he found himself in this party of pity, He wipes his eyes he blows his nose and says “I just don’t understand it I don’t know how they think that I care About their thoughts and what they’re saying about me — I just don’t get it”

Hahaha even though this was a more comical view point on the subject in reality in real life it typically is little more difficult When you’re actually in the firing line of the barrage of the insults of the curses that originate from the void of insecurities, anger, ignorance, and self hate that is reflecting from the heart of the sender in attempt to make themselves feel better and more sufficient by bringing you down to a level that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!

Keep your airwaves clear and tune into people that will reflect back to you the goodness that you are!


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An easy word to say a difficult action to do…

Unforgiveness is a destructive factor that is easily dividing many families and relationships.

I believe it was Buddha who said that holding anger and resentment and unforgiveness towards an individual, Is equivalent to holding hot coals in your hand with the intent of throwing them.

It is the unforgiving and angry soul that is the one that deteriorates.

It takes a level of humility to be able to forgive and also ask for forgiveness.

Pride and arrogance are destructive forces in any relationship.

It is a good picture of forgiveness when we look at the story of the African leader Nelson Mandela.

The great humanitarian and political leader who was wrongfully imprisoned for many years.

But yet was able to forgive those who have sentenced him and came out to be a positive influnce on the world.

It’s never easy..

Forgiving someone who has hurt you is never an easy task to do, However for any level of growth is a necessary thing to do.

Sometimes we just need to do a better job of gauging carefully how we spend our time with If there is a continued and repeated pattern of conflict and confusion.

It is beneficial to look at the relationship with a broken world with a merciful and loving God, From my personal system of beliefs I believe that God is merciful to forgive Our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

When we come to the understanding that sometimes we as human beings do error, Then we grow to understand that the necessity of forgiveness for our souls Which can be found In a disposition of heart and mind called repentance from our sins.

I have found this fact to be very powerful in my personal walk in life.

A model for me to grow in my understanding of the picture of what forgiveness looks like.

But yet somehow even then as well as we may understand the concept Is the funny thing about life is that it will always present you with challenges that you have to grow to overcome.

Maybe it was someone that you love that I said something to hurt you as it seems like they have the most power to do so.

Maybe someone lied and distorted the facts just because they were hurt for some reason And felt the need to transfer that I hurt onto you.

Oh and you felt it you felt it in your soul.

Yes even then the forgiveness that you have in your heart is not even necessarily for them it’s for you.

So that you can continue moving forward with your life independent of who or who is not reciprocating the spirit and the disposition of forgiveness.

Sometimes anger and unforgiveness welled up in our hearts can cause us literal physical pain.

Migraine headaches the inability to focus the lack of creativity Have been my experience from not being able to release the anger through forgiving those who have hurt me.

Sometimes we can even look at our parents and our upbringing and realize that it’s hard to forgive our parents For the things that we have learned to can be done better.

I’ve grown to see that as I look for the best in those around me that it is easy for me to Find something positive to focus in on about them as opposed to harbor on maybe they’re negative side.

And the most difficult quality of humility that it takes to be the first one to apologize is a character trait of strength, not a sign of weakness.

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